ACT’s two sponsored athletes, the Scottish hockey squad players Kareena “Kaz” Cuthbert and Robyn Collins, have returned from a recent World League competition with promising news.

The hockey duo report that a third place finish in their World League 2 competition in Valencia will “all things going well” secure qualification for the World League 3 competition this summer.

The World league 3 is a qualifier for the 2018 Women’s Hockey World Cup, which takes place in London.

ACT sponsored Scottish hockey player Robyn Collins.


Kaz said: “We played six games in Valencia. We won four and lost two. Robyn scored in one of the games, which was brilliant.

“It puts us in a good place to hopefully secure a place at the prestigious World Cup event in London in July 2018 when all the top nations in the world come together to compete.”

Squad captain Kaz Cuthbert.

Robyn plays alongside Kaz in the World Cup 2 qualifiers.


Kaz added that the local club season has now started back. She coaches the Western Wildcats based in Milngavie.

Kaz said: “The Wildcats played Dundee Wanderers in their first game for the second half of the season and won  1-0 at the weekend. This places us second in the league, which we are thrilled about.

“We are hoping to continue our good form of recent years and finish the season in the top four to make the European Playoffs in May.”

The sponsorship support offered by ACT allows the players to take time off work and travel to competitions. Read the full ACT sponsorship story.