ACT construction director Scott is aiming to “Everest” by mountain bike over the course of March. To Everest, he must climb 29,000ft in total in the one calendar month.

Everesting is a tough challenge, especially by mountain bike and when you work full time and have a busy family life. Scott revealed his challenge at the start of the month.

A big smile as Scott starts his first Everesting outing.


Beautiful evening for a bike ride.


Scott started full of enthusiasm on March 1. He says: “The sun was shining and it was even quite warm when I headed up to local track at Lennox Forest on my way home from work.

“I was pleased to manage a fair bit of elevation that day. You can see I was smiling at the start although that didn’t last long! It was a tough but rewarding first outing of 2hrs 28mins and 2544ft of climbing.”

Outing one.


Scott reveals that the rest of the week was a bit hectic at work and so the next outing was Saturday March 4. he says: “I went up to Carron Valley at 7am! It was throwing it down from the heavens and you can see for the photo of the bikes on the car how wet it was.

Dreich day for cycling.


“I confess I struggled with the weather and only managed 1hr 42 mins and 1722ft of climbing that day. However, that still felt like quite a lot.”

Outing number two.


On the Sunday, Scot took his son BMXing at Cumbernauld race track. He says: “I didn’t get any climbing done but we had loads of fun!”

Wet weather again.


Tuesday March 7 was Scott’s third outing and he managed to fit in a ride at Lennox Forest. He says: “Again it was pouring with rain but I managed to get a good bit of climbing done. I was out for 2hrs 20mins and climbed 2194ft in total.”

Outing three.


Scott’s first week of Everesting totals 6460ft of climbing. He admits: “It’s a bit short of my weekly goal but I am planning four trips this coming week so hopefully I will be on track for the month of 29,000ft.

“Actually, I am starting to enjoy climbing, which is good because that is what this is all about!”

We will post another blog in the coming weeks on Scott’s progress.