Scott has taken on a challenge to attempt to climb the height of Everest – this is called “Everesting” – by mountain biking in one month. This is a report on his second week of his Everesting challenge.

Scott was starting to find his climbing legs as he entered week two of the month-long cycling challenge. This week, he climbed a greater total elevation than in week one. Read all about Scott’s Everesting week one.

Again, Scott was quite busy with work and family commitments but he managed to do three bike rides in the second week.

He said: “I headed to one of my favourite local mountain biking locations, Lennox Forest, on Thursday March 9 after sunset. It was really windy and quite cold so I managed only a couple of hours but I still did 2,159ft of climbing.

“It can be quite eerie riding around a forest in the dark on your own!”

ACT Construction Everesting challenge

Night-time riding.


ACT Construction Everesting challenge

2,159ft of Everesting…


On the Saturday, Scott planned to meet his friend Graeme for a bike ride. He said: “We scoured the mountain biking websites for somewhere local with a good bit of climbing and decided on the Campsie Fells loop.

“Unfortunately the weather wasn’t kind! It rained the entire time we were out and visibility was horrendous.

“Lots of people mentioned what an amazing view you would get from the weather station at the top of the Campsies but we had only 10ft of visibility!

“We did manage 3,471ft of climbing in just over four hours and I am definitely going to do this ride again on a clear day to see more of the views.”

ACT Construction Everesting challenge

The “views” on the Campsie Fells.


ACT Construction Everesting challenge

3,471ft of Everesting


Scott’s third ride of the week was back at Lennox Forest. He rode  1,720ft of elevation in 1 hour, 45 minutes.

ACT Construction Everesting challenge

1,720ft of Everesting.


His total for week two of his Everesting challenge is 7,350ft. Scott said: “I am very happy with what I achieved this week.”

Keep an eye on this blog to find out how Scott does in his third week of Everesting. He is planning a few away days to relieve the boredom of cycling up and down in Lennox Forest!