In an occasional blog series, we are asking the staff at ACT Construction (UK) Ltd to tell us more about their work and interests outside of the office.

Anna Smrckova is Business Development & Client Manager with ACT. She started with the company in March 2017.

Anna’s main work roles include:

–       Contacting potential and existing clients via email/phone to establish clear communication lines and maintain good relationships.

–       Organising existing quotations within the office and managing their progression into successful contracts.

–       Planning and managing marketing initiatives.

–       Attending conferences, meetings and industry events.

Anna enjoys her work with ACT.

Anna says: “When I started with ACT, I had little experience of the construction industry, so in my preliminary period I focused on gaining an understanding of the business, as well as the specialist areas within which it operates.

“As I have settled into my role, I have been given greater responsibilities and freedom to work on my own initiative within the company.”

What I like about my work

Anna reports that her work is enjoyable, especially the opportunity to meet new people. She says: “I am naturally a very sociable person and I love that I can use my interpersonal skills on a daily basis in my job. I look forward to speaking to new people, either over the phone or face-to-face.”

Anna is also able to utilise other strengths such as creativity and organisation. She says: “My work allows me to switch between projects and if I get stuck on the creative tasks then I can switch gear and focus on the organisational tasks. This is a very helpful and progressive way to work.”

Another aspect of her role is to directly support the Managing Director, Ken Godsman. Anna says: “I enjoy working with Ken and I find him to be a very effective manager. He allows the team to excel with very few rigorous procedures or obstacles preventing tasks being carried out successfully.

“Another great part of working at ACT is being part of a team. I’ve always been a team player and I like helping my colleagues.”

Anna with one of ACT’s sponsored athletes, the champion swimmer Ross Murdoch.

A steep learning curve

Looking back over the last 11 months, Anna feels she has progressed a lot. She says: “Every day has been a learning curve for me and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Having a boss who trusts me, values my experiences and welcomes my input gives me a lot of confidence.

“In just 11 months, I really feel that I have grown in terms of confidence and competence.”

Anna is conscious to maintain a healthy work-life balance and says: “I also appreciate that ACT offers a good work-life balance. My previous job was in Edinburgh, commuting every day from Glasgow, which was tiring and time-consuming.

“At ACT, I have regular working hours and it’s only a 15-minute cycle to the office. I can get home at a reasonable hour, which also allows me to live a relatively social and healthy life outside work.”

Ken says: “Anna has made a significant input to the business since joining us last year. She is an extremely competent employee who has a great work ethic and an ability to make people quickly feel at ease. She has proven to be very popular with colleagues and clients alike.”

Fun-loving: Anna and her dog Archie.

Anna takes the opportunity for a ski holiday.

Sport, travel and socialising

Outside of work Anna is keen on sport. She runs, cycles, hikes and skis. She also owns her beloved dog, a cockapoo named Archie. She says: “I really love going on long walks with Archie and climbing Munros. I always make sure that we end up in the pub at the end of the day.”

See Anna’s charity Munro challenge of 2017.

Anna likes to hike Scottish mountains with Archie at her side.

She also enjoys travelling, taking short trips to Europe or around the UK. She adds: “And I’m a keen socialiser, seeing old friends and making new ones!”

Anna has a few plans lined up for 2018. She says: “In the next 12 months I am looking forward to hopefully hiking more Munros and taking part in the Tour de Forth cycling event.  I have always wanted to run a half marathon but never signed up… I feel that 2018 might be the year.”

Anna was the first in her family to graduate from university.

A very proud moment

And finally, here’s one thing you might not know about Anna. She was the first of her siblings to go to university.

She says: “Graduating from the University of St Andrews in 2014 was a very proud moment in my life. Neither of my siblings went to university therefore it was a very special day for my family. Even my 84-year-old granny flew from the Czech Republic to watch my graduation.”