In an occasional blog series, we ask a member of staff at ACT Construction (UK) Ltd to tell us more about their work and interests outside of the office.

Neil is a Design Technician and has been at ACT for seven months.

His main work roles include:

  • Creating and issuing CAD drawings for ACT projects.
  • Compiling and issuing specific project/design-related documents.
  • Estimating for smaller tender opportunities, to allow the estimating team to focus on larger projects.
  • Ensuring the office kettle doesn’t seize up!

Neil says: “I am enjoying working with ACT and I like that the company runs a smooth operation day-to-day in the office. Every member of staff knows what their role is and fulfils it to the best of the company’s requirements.

“Ken has a relaxed approach to managing his staff and gives us the freedom to operate in a way that plays to our own skills and abilities. I appreciate that.”

Fun outside work – and in the office!

What I like about my work

As a child, Neil had ambitions to become an architect and although this didn’t work out he is very happy to be working in a creative job.

He says: “After leaving school at 16 with standard grades and starting work full-time, I knew I hadn’t set myself up to achieve my aim of being an architect.

“Instead I enjoyed working in the retail industry until, after almost eight years, I decided to make a move away to pursue a more creative job.

“At this point I went back to college and university to study Computer Aided Design (CAD).”

ACT Construction UK staff

Neil Finnie in work mode.

Neil reveals that it still surprises him when he wakes up each day happy to go to work. He says: “Working for ACT I have discovered that you can enjoy your job. I like my work, especially the problem solving and finding solutions, and the office atmosphere is great, with a good bunch of people to work with.

“As a small company, every member of staff is trained in their own areas, so if there is a problem, only one person can fix it, sometimes with help from others, of course. I especially like this as I have probably learned more about CAD Design and the construction industry in my first six months than I could have hoped for.”

Another aspect that Neil appreciates about ACT is the focus on charity and sponsoring athletes. He says: “Ken has a vested interest in not just the company, but what he can do with ACT to assist in other areas such as charity work, which is something I feel passionately about, and also sponsoring some word class athletes.

“Ken has made ACT what it is today, which is a great company to work for and part of!

Neil on his graduation day.

What I am proud of

Neil was the first member of his family to go to university and gain a degree.   He says: “I think that graduation day was the first time I’d ever felt proud of myself.

“Then when I was in my previous employment I won numerous awards, including customer service and product availability awards. I felt good about getting these.”

Outdoors adventures.

My downtime

Outside of work, Neil enjoys spending time with his partner, friends and family. He says: “We are very lucky to be surrounded by such amazing and supportive people.

“As a couple, we also love a good road trip. His could be a few hours away in the car, or camping for a few nights. We really enjoy being out and about and seeing new things.

“Personally, I enjoy a game of snooker, however this has taken a back seat in the last few years but it’s something I really want to get back into.”

What are you looking forward to in the next year?

Neil says: “At work, I’m especially looking forward to becoming more of an integral part of the ACT team, which will come with time and experience.

“Outwith work, myself and Anna from the office are aiming towards completing the Three Peaks Challenge in the summer, which consists of climbing the tallest mountains in each of Scotland, England and Wales in a 24 hours.

“We may try to drag along some other office staff members…”