ACT Construction (Europe) Ltd is delighted by the news of the marriage of Derek Bain, the company’s Head of Pre-Construction. Derek married Irina in Brest, Belaru in a ceremony attended by close family members.

He described it as a wonderful day. Derek says: “Irina is Belarusian, although she lives and works in Scotland, so we decided to have a civil ceremony in Brest in south-west Belarus.”

The wedding day was the first time that the two families had met. Despite language differences, Derek says: “They all got along amazingly well.”

Best laid plans

The hope had been for all the men at the wedding to be wearing traditional Scottish attire. Unfortunately, a couple of set-backs meant that only the groom and the bride’s nephew ended up in kilts on the day.

Derek explains: “To get to Brest, we flew from Glasgow to Amsterdam then from Amsterdam to the Belarus capital of Minsk. From Minsk, the next stage is by train to Brest, which in itself takes more than three hours.

“The suitcases belonging to my mum, dad, sister and brother-in-law went missing somewhere between Amsterdam and Minsk and they did not see them again until they returned to Minsk airport on the way home.

“Because the luggage went missing, it meant that my dad and brother-in-law did not have their kilts.

“Then my my two Belarusian brother-in-laws went to pick up their kilts from Minsk. But they discovered that the hire shop only had rather small sizes and the kilts were more like mini kilts, so it just ended up that me and Irina’s nephew were the only two in kilts.”

Kilts, flowers and photographs

The groom’s attire was a cause for excitement in Brest on the day. Derek says: “After the wedding ceremony, it is traditional for the newlyweds to visit Brest Fortress and lay flowers at the Eternal Flame.

“We walked through the park – and had photos taken as we did. This wasn’t only by our photographers but from curious locals who hadn’t seen a man in a kilt before!”

The wedding celebration took place at a city venue, Rinkovka – and as the couple approached, there was a surprise in store.

Derek says: “Irina and her dad had organised for pipers to play as we arrived – and then later on for our first dance.”

The wedding weekend also coincided with Brest’s 1000 years anniversary celebration, so the city was alive with people and activity.

Derek says: “Our wedding was everything I hoped it would be and more.”

Best wishes from colleagues

Colleagues at ACT Construction (Europe) ltd were among some of the first to congratulate the newly weds. Managing director Ken Godsman says: “We wish Derek and Irina many happy years together.

“Plans to introduce Irina to ACT staff in a social event have been hit by COVID19 but we look forward to doing this as soon as it is deemed safe to do so.”