Regular exercise is important for good physical health, weight management, stress relief, better sleep, boosted self-confidence and greater feelings of self-worth. With this in mind, ACT Construction (Europe) Ltd has recently installed an office gym for staff.

In the workplace, the benefits of regular exercise are further extended and research reveals that staff who keep fit are more likely to perform better at a range of tasks, have improved concentration levels and are less likely to be absent.

Yet exercise can be difficult for many people to fit into busy work and home lives. In addition, the restrictions of the Covid pandemic, which have caused most public gyms to close temporarily, also mean that many people have lost their usual avenues for indoor fitness. 

Now an increasing number of employers are realising the advantages of installing an office gym. With a larger office base, managing director Ken Godsman at ACT Construction (Europe) Ltd decided it would be a good use of space to install a gym for staff.

He said “I am very well aware of the benefits of regular exercise but it is not always easy for people to access gyms in their spare time, especially during the pandemic. Having a gym in the workplace makes it easier for our staff to enjoy some exercise, especially as they can slot it into their work day, before and after office hours and during lunch breaks.

“It’s important to ACT that we have happy and healthy staff and I believe that exercising is great for the mind as well as the body and so an office gym makes great sense to me.” 

ACT gym by Origin Fitness

The ACT gym, which has been installed by Origin Fitness, includes a running treadmill, an exercise bike and an elliptical trainer. There will also be an area of free weights.

Robbie Cuthbert, of Origin Fitness, said: “It’s great to see ACT Construction’s commitment to their employees with the investment in some top-of-the-range fitness equipment.

“Physical activity and personal health have never been more important and I believe employers have a duty of care to their workforce to ensure they stay as healthy as possible.” 

Origin Fitness supply commercial fitness equipment to customers all over the UK. While gyms and fitness facilities have been closed, they have seen an increase in corporates, such as ACT Construction, utilising space to offer a viable gym solution.

Robbie added: “Covid-19 has hit many industries heard, none less than the fitness industry.  Many people rely on the gym to de-stress and unwind from work and not being able to do so can result in a negative impact on mental health. 

“That is why initiatives such as ACT’s office gym is key to ensuring the health and productivity of colleagues.”

Ken added: “The new gym installation is already proving a great asset to our workplace.”