At ACT Construction (Europe) Ltd health and safety is a priority and to ensure we remain compliant and up-to-date with the latest HSE directives, we seek specialist advice of City Building Engineering Services Ltd (CBES Ltd).

Duncan McNicol, the head of Risk and Compliance at award-winning CBES, provides a range of support for ACT.

He says: “The expertise we offer is largely in relation to competent HSE advice, whereby we provide support for ACT’s management systems, which underpin the company’s HSE delivery model; completion of SSIP submissions; risk assessment reviews; and also we ensure ACT is up to date with relevant legislation and industry practice.”

In addition, CBES has assisted with a number of “practical elements” in regards to how ACT undertakes it activities, such as carrying out face-fit testing; undertaking accredited training for supervisors; health and safety, use and inspection of harnesses; and other similar support activities. 

Duncan adds: “We are also on the end of the phone and virtual platforms regularly if the business has any queries in relation site issues and challenges.”

Health and safety in practice

Duncan recently delivered an IOSH Leading Safety course on behalf of by CBES, which was attended by Ken and ACT’s construction director Scott.

Duncan says: “Although, it’s primarily a health safety course there was lot to explore in the wider business sense, which teased out a lot of the great systems and functions that ACT already have in place. 

“We discussed some opportunities that I have no doubt the business will take forward because that is what Ken and Scott are like. 

“You get a real sense of their appetite to be the best in their sector. More than that, from a safety perspective the business has a true family feel about them and demonstrate a pride in their workforce. It comes across that they really care for their people.  

“In terms of the session itself it was fantastic to hear how Ken and Scott recounted their examples of safety leadership within the business and the field and how they wanted to take this further and I’m sure they will demonstrate this in the months and years ahead.”

Benefits of access to expert advice

Ken Godsman, director of ACT Construction, outlines why it is important to have access to reputable experts. 

He says: “Governance is a huge part of business conduct now, therefore it’s important that businesses have access to the right experts to ensure standards are maintained and also continuously improved upon.

“We need the right advice on health and safety, which is practical and proportionate against the level of risk encountered by the business operations. This, in turn, gives us greater confidence in our decision-making process and ensures a level of protection and insulation against the typical moral, legal and financial risks that organisations like ours face.”

A valued partnership

Meanwhile, Duncan values the partnership that CBES has with ACT. He says: “I think the best part of working with ACT, which we have been doing for many years now both as a retained consultant and while they have been a valued contractor on our own supply chain, is the true sense of partnership, openness and transparency.

“They are clearly an organisation that wants to do things the right way and we have a lot of shared values when it comes to doing the right thing and not compromising in health and safety. 

“They take risk seriously and the arrangement is reciprocal because I can also lean on them when I have technical queries in relation to their business, such as cold room installation works.”