Commercial manager at ACT, Derek Bain, took part in the Arran Cycle Challenge at the weekend. He was fortunate with the sunny weather for the 55-mile ride around the west coast Scottish island.

Derek reports that he found the island hills a lot more challenging than he had expected but the rewards were the fantastic scenery and raising £520 for the Rangers Charity Foundation.

ACT Construction arran challenge

Derek takes on the Arran Cycle Challenge.


He said: “It was a beautiful day and the island looked stunning. I met some great people, too, and enjoyed the atmosphere of the event.

“For me, there were more hills than I am used to over that sort of distance. I have on-going problems with my calves due to an old injury plus I felt like I was fighting off cramp the whole day.

“But I was really glad that I managed to ride the whole way and in around four hours and 50 minutes.”

Another great thing for Derek was “bumping into an old friend. He said: “Amazingly, while waiting for the ferry at Ardrossan to get to Arran I spotted an old friend, Graham Hendry, who I had not seen for 20 years. We used to work, socialise and play football together. That was a surprise!”

ACT Construction arran challenge 3

Derek and friend Graham with a view over Lamlash on the Isle of Arran.


Derek admits he now knows he will need to put in more training for his big goal of the year, the London Ride 100 this summer.

Congratulations to Derek on his great cycling.